Saturday, December 12, 2009

MAQSUUM 4/4 online beat maker


Maqsum is probably the most recognizable Arabic rhythm, primarily used in folk and popular music. It is rarely used as a rhythm for Muwashahat.
Maqsum means Divided in Arabic.
The simple Maqsum is the basis of many rhythms and is especially important in modern and folk Egyptian rhythm. If you listen to Middle Eastern percussion accompanying music you will often hear the distinctive [DT-TD-T-] of the Maqsum. Maqsum is the basis of all Egyptian rhythm. The simple maqsum and all the ways in which it can be embellished really demonstrates the Middle Eastern percussion tradition. The Middle Eastern percussion instruments are responsible for laying out the meter of a song but there is also room for plenty of expression by each individual instrument. In parts of the Mahgreb (e.g. Tunisia) this family of rhythms may be called "Duyek".

SOUND EXAMPLE (click to play)

I´ve just implement this characteristic maqsum rhythm structure to the four to the floor rhythm. Maqsum is played by ELEKTRON MACHINEDRUM exactly as shows picture 1.


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